Method Cleaning Product Review

Our friends in Los Angeles that own this YouTube channel reached out to us to tell us about the method cleaning product line. This is an eco-friendly cleaner that supposedly produces some pretty amazing results so we jumped on it and went out and purchased the entire line of products. Here is our review of what we liked and didn’t like about the method products.

The Good

First of all, this line of products really is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Some products will claim that they are non-toxic but in reality, there’s not really clear specifications on what constitutes a non-toxic product according to the FDA. The same thing is true when you buy food at the grocery store because you’ll see “100% All-Natural!” on a lot of items but when you look at the ingredients you’ll see a big list of things that you can’t pronounce… doesn’t sound very natural to me! The same thing is true with pretty much anything you can think of these days, marketers are more concerned with how well their products sell as opposed to worrying about if they’re tricking the consumer into buying their products. With all of that being said, we can really stamp the method line of cleaning products as non-toxic and eco-friendly since their bottles are made from recycled material.

The Bad

We really can’t think of too many bad things to say about these products! There wasn’t any stains or dirt that we couldn’t get out with these products so they definitely got the job done. The smell of the products was good too which can be hard to come by with non-toxic products because most of the scented stuff they put in there can actually be harmful to your heatlth. Our friends actually made this product review video for you all to watch, we hope you enjoy! Please drop them a comment on their YouTube page or write us on our contact page to let them know what you think of their video!


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